Question: Did SerpentAU Cheat?

Who is the fastest editor in the world in fortnite?

#1 Flea- ‘Float’ King Flea is a popular YouTuber and Fortnite player who is known for his crazy edits.

In one of his most popular videos, he edits at lightning speed, so much so that he ends up making all the players in the lobby float!.

Who is the best editor?

Best free text editors in 2018Atom. Atom is a relatively new (released in 2015) an open source editor that works for Mac, Windows and Linux. … Visual Studio Code. … Brackets. … Notepad++ … TextMate. … Vim. … Komodo Edit.

Who is the world’s best editor?

The Greatest Film Editors Ever!Stephen Mirrione. … Kirk Baxter. … Thelma Schoonmaker. Editor | The Departed. … William Goldenberg. Editor | Argo. … Chris Dickens. Editor | Slumdog Millionaire. … Chris Lebenzon. Editor | Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. … Paul Hirsch. Editor | Star Wars. … Arthur Schmidt. Editor | Forrest Gump.More items…•

How did SerpentAU cheat?

Fortnite YouTuber and pro player ‘SerpentAU’ has now apologized after being accused, by fellow content creator ‘EJLad’, of using ‘macros’ to cheat in the battle royale. … Macros are used to set up different key-bind shortcuts, enabling Fortnite players to perform multiple actions at once by pressing a specific key.

Is Kquid still banned?

Fortnite Pro ‘Kquid’ banned indefinitely for cheating during FNCS Invitational – Claims ‘not guilty’

Who is the fastest editor?

Ali-A, one of the most popular Fortnite content creators, showed us one such example in his video. The world record holder for 52 edits in just 7 seconds is explicitly shown with the handcam.

Is using a macro cheating fortnite?

Fortnite macros aren’t allowed in the game. They’re considered cheating and you can get banned for using them. They provide a player with an unfair advantage by automating part of the game. While it might not seem as obvious as an aimbot, in both cases you’re using your PC to play the game for you.

Is using macros cheating r6?

The use of macros is considered cheating, as per the Code of Conduct. If you suspect a player of cheating, please report them through , so they can be looked into further.

Where is serpent Au from?

SerpentAUCountry of BirthAustraliaRegionOCE OceaniaPower RankingsAll2145010 more rows

Did SerpentAU get banned?

One notable player who will not have the chance is YouTuber SerpentAU, who announced Tuesday that he got banned from the battle royale after another content creator by the name of EJLad put out a video accusing him of cheating. …

Is macro editing cheating?

Essentially, they’re cheating. Using them is against the rules in Fortnite. Macros are an unfair advantage in the game. … Using Fortnite macros is grounds for a player to be banned from competitive events.

What’s a macro cheating?

Macros: A Fortnite cheat that is taking over the game A ‘Macro’ is an algorithm that inputs a certain set of commands to effectively automate various activities in the game. Fortnite players generally use it for building or ‘double movement’ purposes.

What happened to SerpentAU?

“After further investigation within the last 12 hours, we have definite reasoning to believe that SerpentAU has committed and act of dishonesty through the use of Macros – to our staff, friends, and community,” the post read. Overtime Gaming dropped SerpentAU after their investigation.

Did SerpentAU use macros?

On June 10, Overtime Gaming announced that ‘SerpentAU’ would be leaving the organisation with immediate effect after an investigation concluded that he “committed an act of dishonesty” by using macros, a feature of gaming mice and keyboards that allows players to bind a sequence of actions to a single key.