Question: What Is Another Word For Brooding?

What is the importance of brooding?

Optimal brooding is essential to optimize animal health and contributes to a good performance and survival in later life.

The most important brooding condition to control is the body temperature because chickens are unable to regulate their body temperature posthatch..

What is natural brooding?

Natural incubation or brooding is the simplest way of hatching a small number of eggs. A broody hen (chicken) will incubate her own eggs or those of another hen or a duck. Broody hens may refuse to leave the eggs to eat or drink. They can suffer from external parasites (e.g.mites, fleas).

What does brooding chickens mean?

When a hen is broody, it means her maternal instincts have kicked in. Her hormones are surging and telling her it’s time to sit on and hatch some eggs. It is pretty easy to recognize a hen that has gone broody. … Because a broody hen will continue brooding until she hears the little peeps of baby chicks.

What is the purpose of the brooding process?

Remember, the purpose of brooding is to raise healthy chicks and provide the required heat (mimicking natural mother hen) until they are able to adapt and regulate their body temperature to the ambient temperature. For brooding to be successful, there is some equipment that must be available in the brooder house/pen.

What are dark features on a guy?

Men have facial features that display the ‘dark triad’ of personality traits – Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy, according to the study published in for the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour. These include large skulls, solid and defined jaws, angular noses and deep-set eyes.

What is the synonym of brooding?

Synonyms. pondering musing reflective ruminative meditative contemplative broody pensive thoughtful.

What is the opposite of brooding?

Antonyms: thoughtless. Synonyms: contemplative, meditative, pensive, wistful, broody, reflective, ruminative, musing, pondering.

What does dark and brooding mean?

Meaning of brooding in English making you feel uncomfortable or worried, as if something bad is going to happen: He stood there in the corner of the room, a dark, brooding presence. feeling sad, worried, or angry for a long time.

What does brooding eyes mean?

looking as if you are thinking and worrying about something. the brooding expression in his dark eyes.

What is another word for purposely?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for purposely, like: intentionally, designedly, advisedly, deliberately, consciously, expressly, knowingly, willfully, accidentally, unintentionally and spontaneously.

How do you use brooding in a sentence?

Brooding sentence examplesThe Darian he remembered had never been brooding or hesitant like this man. … She found him in the kitchen, brooding over a cup of coffee. … This time the brows lowered to hover over brooding eyes. … She was in a mood for brooding on the past. … All the men were attractive, yet brooding and dark, not unlike Victor.More items…

What is a brooding?

When you’re brooding, you might be depressed about something you just can’t stop thinking about — like the lead character in Hamlet. Brooding can also mean you’re being extremely thoughtful, contemplative, meditative, musing, reflective, or ruminative — those are all good things.

What is the difference between thoughtful and brooding?

As adjectives the difference between thoughtful and brooding is that thoughtful is demonstrating thought or careful consideration while brooding is (of a bird) broody; incubating eggs by sitting on them.

What is another word for stoic?

Some common synonyms of stoic are apathetic, impassive, phlegmatic, and stolid.