Question: Where Did The Word Quay Originate?

What does Quay mean in French?


More French words for quay.

le quai noun.

dock, wharf, platform, track, street..

What does Quay mean in English?

countable noun. A quay is a long platform beside the sea or a river where boats can be tied up and loaded or unloaded. Jack and Stephen were waiting for them on the quay. Synonyms: dock, pier, landing, harbour More Synonyms of quay.

What does Quay mean in Irish?

quay, s. Cé f. Quay-side worker, oibrí cé. alongside »

Why is Quay pronounced key?

As we’ll explain later, both of them are probably derived from “quay,” a word from French that means a wharf. … “Key” is pronounced KEE, like the unrelated word for something that opens a lock. “Cay” is usually pronounced the same way (KEE), but some dictionaries give an alternate pronunciation, KAY.

Where do you find the origin of a word?

The root, start, or birth of something is its origin. The origin of the word origin is the Latin word originem, meaning “rise, beginning, or source.”