Quick Answer: How Did Rochester Go Blind?

Why does Jane Eyre marry Rochester?

Jane marries Rochester because she views him as her emotional home.

From the start of the novel, Jane struggles to find people she can connect with emotionally.

In Chapter 22, Jane observes that she views Rochester as her home, emphasizing this kinship she feels with him..

How much older is Rochester than Jane?

Rochester is about twenty years older than Jane. He is likely between the ages of thirty-five and forty, while Jane is about nineteen.

Does Mr Rochester go blind?

When Bertha set fire to the house, Rochester rescued the few servants still living there and tried to rescue Bertha, too, but she committed suicide. Rochester was injured in the aftermath of the fire; he lost one hand and one eye, and he’s blind in the remaining eye.

Is Mr Rochester rich?

Jane’s employer and the master of Thornfield, Rochester is a wealthy, passionate man with a dark secret that provides much of the novel’s suspense.

What does Rochester represent in Jane Eyre?

Edward Rochester is the master of Thornfield Hall and as a consequence, has a large fortune. Brontë describes Rochester as aloof, intelligent, rugged and witty. The reader first meets him when he falls off his horse, accusing Jane of bewitching it.

What does Rochester blindness symbolize?

In turn, according to the article, Rochester is able to greater appreciate the language he shares with Jane, as his blindness enables him to concentrate more fully on words without being distracted by his vision.

Did Mr Rochester regain his eyesight?

Jane goes to Mr. Rochester and offers to take care of him as his nurse or housekeeper. He asks her to marry him and they have a quiet wedding, and after two years of marriage Rochester gradually gets his sight back – enough to see their firstborn son.

What is wrong with Mr Rochester wife?

Rochester asserts that Bertha’s mental health deteriorated quickly, though it is unclear which form of mental illness she suffers from. Her insane, violent behaviour becomes frightening to behold. Her laughter is described as “demonic”, she crawls on all fours, snarling, and behaving in a bestial manner.

Does Rochester really love Jane?

The relationship between Jane Eyre and Edward Fairfax Rochester plays a major part in the novel of Jane Eyre, as Rochester turns out to be the love of Jane’s life. At first she finds him rather impolite and cold-hearted, but soon they become kindred souls.

Does Mr Rochester lose his fortune?

At the end of the story, Mr. … Bronte shows how Mr. Rochester is a rounded and dynamic character, because he has not remained confident and wealthy. Rochester loses more than just money in the fire, he loses his vision and a hand which changes how he views life and makes him realize what he has taken for granted; Jane.

Is Mr Rochester Good or bad?

Edward Rochester, before the arrival of Jane, is a terrible man. He’s selfish and self-centered. Rochester only wishes to make himself feel good and to escape the burden of his wife.

Why does Jane refuse to marry Rochester?

She fears that Rochester would objectify her and that by “marrying above her station” she would come to the relationship already “in debt” to him. Now Jane sees more clearly than ever that a relationship with Rochester would mean the loss of her self-respect, and of her control over her life.

Why does Rochester fall in love Jane?

Rochester was the first candidate for a lover that Jane every really interacted with. … Hence, he poses as a challenge thing sort of that she just really wants to overcome, through the process of which she begins to see him as an equal intellectually, and she’s grateful for that to the point where she loves him.

Is Mr Rochester a villain?

Mr. Rochester is not portrayed as a villain because although it may seem like he is he is not. For instance, his situation with Bertha started was thrust onto him by his father and brother.

Is Mr Rochester handsome?

But the high point is Mr. Rochester. … It’s tough to cast Mr. Rochester with a conventionally pretty boy handsome actor because Bronte is specific that he is not handsome – in fact, in one of the book’s and the movie’s most memorable scenes, Jane tells him that he is not.