Quick Answer: What Term Is Defined As A Line Used For Towing Or Mooring?

What individuals are the principal assistant to the officer of the deck?

The POOW is the primary enlisted assistant to the officer of the deck (OOD) when the ship is in port.

The POOW assists the OOD in carrying out the ship’s daily routine and in ensuring the security and safety of the ship..

When winds exceed 55 miles per hour the weather station should issue what type of warning?

Storm Warning Winds greater than 48 knots, or 55 miles per hour.

What is the primary goal of the continuous improvement program navy?

The primary goal of the Continuous Improvement Program is to increase productivity and produce better quality through leadership.

Which type of drainage system drains spaces forward and aft of main machinery compartments?

29-10. Secondary drainage systems serve to drain spaces forward-and-aft of the limits reached by the main-drainage system. The pumps used in these systems, as well as the piping, usually are smaller than corresponding units of the main-drainage system.

When your ship passes the USS Arizona Memorial What honor should be rendered?

A ship passing the USS Arizona Memorial renders honors by sounding, “Attention,” and all hands topside render a hand salute until the ship has passed the memorial and “Carry on” is sounded.

What person at your command has mandatory membership on the command assessment team cat?

The following sidelines apply to the CAT: Mandatory membership includes the executive officer (XO), at least one depart- ment head, and the command master chief (CM/C) (or equivalent). When a command has a command career counselor and/or personnel officer and/or legal officer, they should be members.

Is it acceptable to raise funds at work for your off duty organization under what condition?

It is acceptable to raise funds at work for your off duty organization under what condition? When in your personal capacity, but you may not solicit subordinates. Petty Office Jane Doe missed the deadline to complete her PCS move online, so she used two government vehicles to one her belongings to her new residence.

Which of the following is a role of the Naval Inspector General?

The current mission of the Naval Inspector General is “to inspect, investigate, or inquire into matters of importance to the Department of the Navy and maintain the highest level of public confidence”.

What command is responsible for shipboard systems?

Naval Sea Systems CommandTogether, we engineer, build, buy and maintain ships, submarines and combat systems that meet the Fleet’s current and future operational requirements. Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) is the largest of the Navy’s five system commands.

What term is defined as a line used for towing or mooring quizlet?

What term is defined as “a line used for towing or mooring”? Hawser.

What condition of readiness is general quarters?

a condition of readiness for combat on a warship, during which crew members remain at their battle stations and have guns and ammunition ready for immediate loading.

What military life cycle items are discussed?

What military life cycle items are discussed in a career development board? Finances, certifications, and pre-separation counseling.

What is the most flexible element of the triad?

Each leg of the triad is critical to effective nuclear deterrence, he said. The bombers which carry nuclear weapons “are the most recallable element,” Hyten said. “They’re the most flexible element of the triad.” Bombers can be deployed and recalled by the president before they deploy their weapons.

Where is the Union Jack flown in port?

The jack is flown on the bow (front) of a ship and the ensign is flown on the stern (rear) of a ship when anchored or moored.

When winds exceed 55 mph the weather station should issue what type of warning?

Storm Warning – Wind speed of 48-63 kts (55-73 mph) expected.

What type of authority is granted to officers and petty officers PMK?

General authority� There are two types of authority. � General authority is given to officers and petty officers so they can fulfill their duties and responsibilities.

What are the types of mooring lines?

Mooring line materialsSisal.Hemp.Steel wire.Polyethylene.Polypropylene.Polyester (e.g., used for deepsea mooring of offshore platforms)Nylon.Chain.

Do you salute an uncovered officer?

Salute officers even if they are uncovered or their hands are occupied. … Army and Air Force policy, unlike the Navy’s, is to salute when uncovered. Suppose you are in an office with several Army personnel, and all of you are uncovered. An officer enters and the soldiers rise and salute.