What Does Infeasible Mean?

What do you mean by infeasible solution?

A linear program is infeasible if there exists no solution that satisfies all of the constraints — in other words, if no feasible solution can be constructed.

It may stem from an error in specifying some of the constraints in your model, or from some wrong numbers in your data.


What is basic and non basic variables?

So, the basic variables can be defined as the m variables which can take any value other than zero. … The remaining variables are known as the non-basic variables. The values of the non-basic variables are set to be zero.

What is infeasible solution in simplex method?

A linear programming problem is said to be infeasible if there is no solution that satisfies all the constraints. It represents a state of inconsistency in the set of constraints.

Is unachievable a word?

un·a·chiev·a·ble adj. Impossible to achieve or attain: an unachievable goal.

What is unbounded and infeasible solution?

infeasible; that is, no solution exists that satisfies all the constraints, bounds, and integrality restrictions; or. unbounded; that is, the objective function can be made arbitrarily large.

What is correct infeasible or unfeasible?

“Unfeasible” is in fact the more traditional, being the more popular of the two until “infeasible”, for some reason, leapfrogged it in the late 1970s. Above is the British usage. (Both words have declined in popularity in American usage, but “infeasible” overtook “unfeasible” at roughly the same time in America.)

Is impracticality a word?

im·prac·ti·cal adj. 1. Unwise to implement or maintain in practice: Refloating the sunken ship proved impractical because of the great expense.

Is infeasibility a word?

in·fea·si·ble. adj. Not feasible; impracticable.

What does the word unfeasible mean?

: not capable of being done or carried out : not feasible an economically unfeasible plan.

What is another word for not feasible?

What is another word for not feasible?out of the questionimpossibleimpracticableinconceivablenot worth consideringunachievableunattainableunimaginableunthinkableunworkable238 more rows

What is the meaning of illogical?

not observing the principles of logic1 : not observing the principles of logic an illogical argument. 2 : devoid of logic : senseless illogical policies.

What does unimaginable mean?

: not imaginable or comprehensible unimaginable horror.

What does not feasible mean?

When someone asks “Is it feasible?” the person is asking if you’ll be able to get something done. Feasible things are possible. If you have enough time, money, or energy to do something, it’s feasible. Something might be feasible at one time and then not feasible at another time.

What does infeasible mean in economics?

Economically Infeasible means, in the context of a public drinking water source, the cost to the typical water user for replacement water would exceed the community’s ability to pay. Sample 2.

What is an infeasible project?

An infeasible project is any project not capable of achieveing its goals regarding the three restrictions: Time. Cost.

What is the difference between feasible solution and optimal solution?

A solution (set of values for the decision variables) for which all of the constraints in the Solver model are satisfied is called a feasible solution. … An optimal solution is a feasible solution where the objective function reaches its maximum (or minimum) value – for example, the most profit or the least cost.